Protective film MT TAPES will help you lower costs for preservation of products in the best condition. Basic feature of our film is its ability to perfectly adhere to any surface which should be protected during manufacture, storage, transport or installation. Of course, removal after its use is easy and without any footprints and sticky residues on the surface.

Varnished and unvarnished sheet metals, steel and aluminium

We manufacture wide range of protective films which can be used for the protection of varnished and unvarnished sheet metals and profiles. Different thicknesses, different colours of films, different levels of adhesion. All products are made to measure to customer’s needs in order to ensure the maximum protection of surface during production, transport or installation. Used adhesive mixtures have been developed specially for the easy removal of film from the protected surface so they will not leave any footprints and residues of glue.

With the MT TAPES film you can protect brushed, glossy and anodized aluminium surfaces.

Plastic profiles and sheets

According to customer’s requirements we offer selection of the suitable type of film, a adhesion or type of glue. The most frequently used colours of films are black-white, transparent blue and white. Foils specified for the PVC and aluminium window and door sections can be printed with the company logo according to customer’s specification. Foils are UV stabilized for higher resistance against weather conditions.

Stainless steel

MT Tapes offers solution for protection of stainless steel materials with different surface treatments. Our product range includes clear transparent films, blue coloured, white or black and white films with thicknesses from 35 to 100 mic. In our programme there are even films suitable for the protection of the surface specified for the laser cutting.

Glass and construction

For the protection of glass and windows during constructions, reconstructions and paintings it is suitable to use the MT TAPES films. In our manufacturing programme there are even films which can be used for the covering of laminate floors, carpets, pavements (or other floors with a sensitive surface), doors, furniture etc. during reconstructions. Thanks to its adhesive layer the films will not be raked, it does not have to be taped on its perimeter and it can be easily removed after any construction is over. Of course, it can be removed without any footprints or glue residues.

Electrotechnics and automotive

Special films MT TAPES, e.g. highly transparent, with a special glue etc., are used in the electronic and automotive industry. They are used in the manufacture of LCD screens, plastic mouldings, high gloss plastics, polycarbonates and other sensitive materials; they are used during their manufacture and even as the protection during their distribution. On demand we can also manufacture films with the antistatic treatment.

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