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We are manufacturer of self-adhesive protective films which can be used for the protection of surfaces of any sensitive materials during manipulation, storage and installation. Our manufacturing plant is located in Petrov nad Desnou, near Šumperk in the Czech Republic. Our company began its own manufacture in 2005 and since this year it was able to earn significant position on the market with protective films in the Central and Eastern Europe. We are focused solely on protective films and this is why we can offer you wide experience in this industry. Our product range of protective films is really wide. We have been manufacturing films with different parameters for different types of surfaces – from very low to very high adhesive strength.

Because of the increasing demand for our protective films we have invested in the construction of the new manufacturing plant which was put into operation in the end of 2011. New automatic production line in this plant is the latest in the Central and Eastern Europe and it allows to manufacture films up to the width of 2650 mm. Together with the new production line the formatting centre was also put into operation so we could meet increasing demands of our clients.

Policy of the company MT TAPES s.r.o. is built on the basic interest of the company to guarantee the highest and always consistent standard of our protective films and also the sufficient capacity for solution of your needs. Of course, we are certified with ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certificates.

We have been closely working with our clients through the technical assistance before use and after delivery of our products. We always offer professional, quick and flexible services to our customers so their requirements will be fully met.

First class technologies mastered to perfection

For the manufacture of our film the LDPE – low-density polyethylene, is used as the primary material and it is made to measure according to the time-tested formula using modern extrusion technology. The combination of the right type of glue and film is the foundation for successful fulfilment of client’s needs.

Thanks to this we offer several dozens of different types of protective films which can meet needs of the overwhelming majority of our customers. We are prepared to develop the appropriate product based on our experience and experience of our suppliers if any of our current products will not be able to provide satisfying solution.

To our customers we deliver protective self-adhesive films with the adhesive layer based on the acrylic dispersion, films with the adhesive layer based on the natural rubber, printed and laminated films with a motive according to client’s wish – our laminated films guarantee that the print is 100 % resistant against the abrasion and even higher resistance against the UV radiation. Foils can be formatted according to client’s wish – different widths and lengths of rolls. Protective self-adhesive films can be manufactured with the width up to 2650 mm.

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